A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon has said in a new interview with Rock Sound that the band’s new album Bad Vibrations was a struggle to record. McKinnon explained, “I went in to record with nothing much to offer, hardly anything that I was excited about. The record is called Bad Vibrations because that’s what I was feeling at the time — stuck in this weird, high stress mindset every day. I’ve never had a problem with pushing other people’s expectations aside before, but it became a real issue. Thankfully the other guys stepped in and brought some great stuff to the table.”

McKinnon told Alternative Press that the bad feelings he had going into the new album were a spillover from the difficult recording process for 2013’s Common Courtesy. He revealed, “From my perspective, it felt like people were pulling back, like they didn’t feel a part of it . . . I wanted everybody to feel like they were part of it (this time). I didn’t want to put it together in a room and be super-controlling and everyone’s standing there going, ‘I hate this f**king song.'”

  • McKinnon told us that the current Top 10 single “Paranoia” was the first result of the band’s fresh approach: [“It had been a while, and we wanted to just get together and kind of throw around some ideas. We got in a room together and I remember Kevin (Skaff, guitar) was just kind of noodling around and I kind of heard the whole song in my head. So the song kind of came together within a day.”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . within a day.)
  • Bad Vibrations will be released on September 2nd, two weeks after its originally announced arrival date of August 19th.
  • In addition to “Paranoia,” the band has released the title track and the song “Bullfight” from the disc.
  • You can currently catch A Day To Remember on tour opening for Blink-182 all the way through early October. The trek pulls into Atlanta on Tuesday (August 2nd).

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for “Paranoia”: