A Day To Remember has won its long-running legal battle with former label Victory Records, five years after the group first filed suit against the label in 2011. According to The PRP, an eight-person Illinois jury decided the case in A Day To Remember’s favor, forcing Victory Records to pay the band $4 million dollars for unpaid royalties and withheld proceeds from digital downloads and merchandise sales. The jury also found that some of the albums Victory had released by the band counted towards the band’s contract.

A Day To Remember said in a statement following the jury’s verdict, “More than five years ago we filed a lawsuit against Victory Records seeking freedom and resolution on several issues we had with them. For the past two weeks we have been in court arguing our case. Yesterday, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in the trial granting us that freedom and resolution . . . This isn’t just a victory for us but also a victory for every band wronged over the years. Right doesn’t always win, but yesterday it did.”

  • The band’s suit in 2011 alleged breach of contract, disputed ownership of the band’s copyrighted works and more, while the label argued that the band exited the label before delivering the number of albums stipulated in its recording contract.
  • That contract called for five albums, with Victory Records arguing that re-releases of prior recorded output and live recordings didn’t count toward the total.
  • The jury thought differently, determining that the band did not owe the label any further albums. A Day To Remember was also awarded control of its publishing rights, while Victory was allowed to retain the master recordings of the sets that the band did create for the label.
  • The Florida-based A Day To Remember released its latest album, Bad Vibrations, this past September.