AC/DC drummer Chris Slade recently spoke with fans on Facebook and was asked if the band intends to carry on once the current Rock Or Bust tour cycle is completed. Slade replied that guitarist and sole founding member Angus Young has no plans to call it a day after the tour is over, saying, “Angus is definitely NOT thinking of retiring.”

The band is currently on the road in Europe with Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses on lead vocals, following singer Brian Johnson‘s departure last month after he was told by doctors he faced the loss of his hearing. When a fan said it was “sad” that Johnson could not tour, Slade responded, “Yes it is, we all miss him.”

  • When a fan criticized AC/DC for finishing the tour without Johnson, Slade said, “You are forgetting that Brian cannot do this, his health problems will not allow it.”
  • Rose is currently performing while seated in a chair onstage, as he recovers from a broken foot. Slade said, “We all lòok forward to Axl not requiring the chair anymore. Shouldn’t be too long now.” Rose has also indicated that he’s willing to continue with the group beyond the 22 shows he was initially recruited for.
  • Slade also wrote, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the band in this form. Of course, everyone would like it to be Brian up there but unfortunately, due to his health problems, this is not possible. Axl is doing a wonderful job and the majority opinion now is that the band were right to finish the Rock Or Bust tour with him.”
  • Slade himself, who played with the group previously from 1990 to 1993, rejoined in February 2015 after longtime drummer Phil Rudd was arrested at his home in New Zealand for drug possession and threatening to kill.

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Watch AC/DC in Belgium performing “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It),” added back into the set for the first time since 2003:

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INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth and Alternative Nation — agree or not?

Siralf wrote: “Much love for Brian, but Axl is killing it.”

Jeanette Williams wrote: “not a hope in hell will I support axl in ac/dc. ive tried to listen to some of the stuff on you tube, it just grates. got my ticket but im trying get rid of it. i wont be part of a fiasco thats not ac/dc.”

xyz wrote: “Since Brian Johnson doesn’t WANT to retire and since he will be seeing a Hearing specialist, he may very well be back where he belongs, far sooner than anyone thought possible.”

Rara Roland wrote: “After the awesome voice of Bon, I was never really keen on Brian. Sure – a few tracks here and there, but otherwise – bah. Now Axl – he sounds good – a lot better than I thought he might. Right on.”