AC/DC singer Brian Johnson will meet next week with Stephen Ambrose, an expert in the field of audio technology who offered publicly to help Johnson return to the stage despite his hearing loss. Ambrose, who invented the in-ear monitors that are widely used on stage nowadays by musicians around the world, has expressed hope that Johnson would consider using his newest in-ear creation, which he says safely delivers louder and better sound while minimizing the risk of hearing damage.

Ambrose revealed, “Due to everyone’s tremendous support, Brian and I spoke yesterday. What a gracious man. He and his wife invited me to visit them next week . . .I’m going to do my utmost to see if our new hearing breakthroughs can help him, and If I am at all successful, I’m sure Brian will let everyone know; he really cares about people and would like to help.”

  • AC/DC postponed the last ten dates of its recent North American tour after doctors told Johnson he faced a total loss of hearing if he did not stop touring immediately. AC/DC has since resumed its tour with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose as a “guest vocalist,” with Johnson apparently not returning to the group.
  • Johnson said in an open letter to fans that he intends to solve his hearing problem and continue recording and touring, although he pointedly did not say whether he would be rejoining AC/DC.
  • The vocalist wrote, “My entire focus is to continue medical treatment to improve my hearing. I am hoping that in time my hearing will improve and allow me to return to live concert performances. While the outcome is uncertain, my attitude is optimistic.”
  • Johnson had been AC/DC’s frontman for 36 years, ever since replacing the late Bon Scott in 1980 and making his debut on the classic Back In Black album.
  • AC/DC is currently in the midst of a European run with Axl Rose on the mic. Rose will also join them for the 10 North American shows that need to be made up sometime later this year.

SIDE NOTES: So what is Stephen Ambrose’s new invention? It’s called ADEL (Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens) and he claims it counteracts the 77% increase in hearing loss recently attributed to all personal listening devices. The tech utilizes a “revolutionary second ear drum” to absorb the harmful pneumatic sound pressures caused by all personal listening devices and provides a much safer and higher fidelity listening experience.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s the video Ambrose posted offering his help:

POLL: If Brian Johnson can get his hearing problem solved, should AC/DC take him back ASAP?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth— agree or not?

Pat Bryan wrote: “Good GOD I hope this works out. This has been like a death in family…it’s terrible. Brian Johnson needs to be back in that band ASAP.”

Aaron Rever wrote: “Hoping for the best on this. Brian has always been one of my favorite hard rock singers. I hope he can make a return.”

Adam Newman wrote: “Assuming this device works as intended wonder what the odds are that Brian would return to AC/DC? Probably zero, unfortunately.”

Fernando Rivera wrote: “In reality, the whole band needs to call it quits. Wrap this tour with Axl and call it a day. Angus has like 150 mill in the bank. How much more does he really needs? I really doubt that even if Brian get his hearing back he wants to tour 10 more years like Angus wants.”