The classic AC/DC song “Thunderstruck” may actually be a contributing factor to a successful treatment of cancer. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, a research team at the University of South Australia has found that playing loud rock music — in this case “Thunderstruck” — during chemotherapy treatment has been effective at improving the efficiency of the drug.

Apparently the vibrations caused by the music cause silicon micro particles carrying the chemotherapy drug camptothecin to bounce. As a result, it covers the cancerous cell more evenly and creates a coating that prevents the drug from escaping.

  • Professor Nico Voelcker explained, “Normally we would ignite a plasma onto the surface. The problem with doing that is you only form the coating on one side of the particle, the side that is exposed . . . That is where we came up with the idea of using a loudspeaker that we would play into the system. We would turn that loudspeaker to a song that it would vibrate and the particles would bounce up and down. The chaotic frequencies worked well and gave you a more homogenous coating.”
  • Playing the music significantly improved the time it took for the cell to be completely coated. The team chose “Thunderstruck” because of its rhythms and the title had a connection to their work, which utilizes a form of cold plasma. Thunder is a form of hot plasma.
  • The team published a paper on their findings, titled “Thunderstruck,” and now plan to see where else the research may lead them.
  • AC/DC recently scrapped the last 10 dates of its North American tour when singer Brian Johnson was warned by doctors that he was facing “total hearing loss.” The band has reportedly recruited Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose to appear as a guest vocalist at the make-up shows, which have yet to be scheduled.

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  • Do you think rock music could actually help in the treatment of cancer?
  • Do you think feeling good when you listen to loud rock music is more than just an emotional response — could there be a medical reason for it?

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Daniel Campisi wrote: “That…IS…AWESOME!! What else can you say??? Hard Rock/Heavy Metal saves lives!!!”

Iam Willikers wrote: “Is there ANYTHING AC/DC can’t do?”

Jimmy Twohy wrote: “Yeah…play live with Axl Rose.”