AC/DC guitarist Angus Young spoke in a new interview with Rolling Stone about the current condition of his brother and band founder Malcolm Young, who was forced to retire from the group in 2014 due to the onslaught of dementia. Angus said about his sibling and musical partner, “It’s hard to communicate. I do pass on messages. I can’t be 100 percent sure it goes in there. But I let him know there are a lot of people missing him.”

Angus told us a while back that it was Malcolm himself who insisted that the band carry on: [“Mal himself, you know, he said, ‘You do it,’ you know. It was his baby in the beginning. It was his whole idea, even what music do we play — you know, rock music. So it was pretty much he himself that said, ‘You do it.'”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . you do it.’)

  • Malcolm’s exit was the first in a string of departures that included longtime drummer Phil Rudd, who had to stay home on house arrest after being found guilty of drug charges, and singer Brian Johnson, who faced total hearing loss if he stayed on the road. Bassist Cliff Williams also recently announced his impending retirement after a nearly 40-year run with the band.
  • Johnson’s replacement on AC/DC’s remaining tour dates has been Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose, who Angus calls a “rock and roll character.” Asked if Axl was able to adjust to not being the boss, Angus replied, “He’s been really good. He prepares himself, ready to go. We sit and chew the fat before we get on, work out what songs we want to do. It’s gotta be fun for him, and for us.”
  • Angus also stated in the interview that he has yet to decide on AC/DC’s future following the completion of the current tour, which is in support of 2014’s Rock or Bust album.
  • AC/DC’s North American tour — which will be the band’s first concerts here with Axl on lead vocals — will kick off in Greensboro, North Carolina on August 27th.


  • Have you ever had to deal with a family member being diagnosed with dementia?
  • Do you think Angus really wants to carry on without his brother and so many longtime members of the band?
  • If you were in his shoes, what would you do?

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