Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall said in an interview last week with Detroit radio station WRIF that it’s “too early” to discuss new music from the band, even though it’s been more than three years since the release of their last studio album, 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Asked if Alice In Chains has been recording any new material, DuVall said, “I don’t know. I know we’ll be probably talking about that kind of thing over the next few months. It’s still early yet. We’ve gotta get through this tour first.”

  • DuVall added that the group starts “pretty much with a clean slate” every time it sets out to make a new record, saying, “That challenges you, so we’ll have to see how it manifests this time. But we’re not there yet.”
  • Guitarist Jerry Cantrell told us a while back that each new album represents another step in the band’s musical evolution: [“The cool thing about record is it’s a snapshot of time, of that group of individuals. And when you line up all of those records back to back, you can see where the band changes, evolves, you can maybe feel what they’re going through, you know, and I think you could probably say that with all of our records. You can get a pretty good snapshot of what’s going on there and, you know, we’re in a different place now.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . different place now.)
  • Alice In Chains has released two studio albums since 2006, when it was officially reactivated with DuVall on vocals following the 2002 death of original singer Layne Staley.
  • The band is in the midst of a five-show run opening for Guns N’ Roses before launching its own headlining summer tour on July 6th in Portland, Oregon.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Alice In Chains perform “Man In The Box” last Thursday night (June 23rd) at Ford Field in Detroit:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Jason Rogers wrote: “Too early? What’s with this mentality, a lot of the time when a band takes years to put out a new album it sucks.”

Jeff Lenser wrote: “Duvall is a great singer and I’m glad that he is in AIC. That being said, I really don’t think his voice has that special character that Layne had. I think he harmonizes well with Jerry and I love the new stuff, but honestly IMO it’s almost all Jerry giving the songs that AIC feel.”

Erik Rowzedy wrote: “AIC are firing on all cylinders these days, can’t wait to see them again next week and for a new record hopefully sooner than later!”

Greg Luporter wrote: “Love the old stuff. Love the new stuff. Layne killed himself slowly. The same place he conjured up those amazing vocals and lyrics is the same place that conjured up the demons that killed him. I’ve moved on. Let the guys make new music. You don’t have to buy it or listen to it if you don’t want to.”