AC/DC guitarist and sole founding member Angus Young says that he has not made a decision yet regarding the band’s future once the current Rock Or Bust tour cycle ends. Following the 2014 retirement of his brother and co-founder Malcolm Young due to dementia, Angus also dealt with the exit of drummer Phil Rudd later that year because of legal problems, and more recently the departure of singer Brian Johnson because of hearing loss and bassist Cliff Williams‘s decision to retire after the tour ends.

Angus was asked by Rolling Stone whether he had given any thought to his or the band’s future, replying, “At this point, I don’t know. We were committed to finishing the tour. Who knows what I’ll feel after? When you sign on and say, ‘I’m gonna do this and that,’ it’s always good to say at the end of it, ‘I’ve done all I said I would do.'”

  • Asked if he thought Williams’ decision was brought about by Johnson’s departure, Angus said, “Cliff made it known before we’d even started touring — this would be his last. Besides myself, Cliff has been there the longest, since 1977. Cliff and Brian are in the same age bracket. They like to go out, hit the pubs. They had the bond.”
  • Williams made his decision to retire public earlier this year, telling Gulfshore Life, “It’s been what I’ve known for the past forty years, but . . . losing Malcolm, the thing with Phil and now with Brian, it’s a changed animal. I feel in my gut it’s the right thing.”
  • Williams told us he never imagined back in his early days with the group that their career would last 40 years: [“Didn’t really think about it. Not that longterm thought process went into it. It was just doing it at the time and we were just on the road all the time and doing it and doing it and doing it, and it was just like, not really thinking that far ahead.”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . that far ahead.)
  • Assuming neither Rudd nor Johnson return, Williams’ exit means that Angus will be the only member remaining from the lineups that recorded classic albums like 1979’s Highway To Hell, 1980’s Back In Black and 1981’s For Those About To Rock…We Salute You.
  • The rescheduled dates of AC/DC’s North American tour — which will be the band’s first concerts here with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose on lead vocals — will kick off in Greensboro, North Carolina on August 27th.


  • Should Angus retire the band after this tour or keep it going?
  • If he does keep it going, should he try to get as many of the longtime members back on board as he can, or start fresh with an all-new lineup?
  • If he does go with a new batch of musicians, is it really AC/DC?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Alex Conde wrote: “Keep rocking! You’ve been the only original member left since Malcolm stepped out, but you’ve also been the main focus since day one.”

Eric Syre wrote: “There would be no shame in retiring. This could be the best thing to do considering almost everyone’s missing now.”

Per Jensen wrote: “I hope brian comes back and they find a bass player and do one last record and tour.”

Manfred Spindle wrote: “Personally I’ve felt they were done a long time ago. Angus don’t need to play anymore to eat. I can see why it is quite a dilemma for him.”

Robert Beaudette wrote: “Angus and Axl could change the name if they want and get new members as needed. As long as those two can continue to work together playing these classic songs, they’ll sell plenty of tickets.”