Swedish rockers Avatar have issued a music video for “New Land,” the latest single from the eccentric act’s latest album, Feathers And Flesh, which came out last May. In the clip, the band travels to the newly discovered Earth-like planets in the nearby Trappist-1 system with guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby saying in a statement that the group intends to travel to the new planets as soon as possible.

Jarlsby said, “The ‘new land’ mission will focus primarily on finding life and sustainable living conditions. Secondly we will look for harvestable resources such as various types of metal, lead, copper, zinc, thrash, death — that sort of thing . . . The mission will be aired LIVE on Avatar Country state television, KTV (Kungliga Television). For people abroad, unable to watch the event as it is happening, a summary can be seen above on AvatarVEVO today. Glory to Avatar Country! Glory to our King!”

  • Feathers And Flesh is a concept album based around a fable about an owl that goes to war against the world to keep the sun from rising. It features the single “The Eagle Has Landed,” which has reached the Top 20 at rock radio.
  • We asked frontman Johannes Eckerstrom if the story had any relevance to events going on in the world today: [“It’s not necessarily topical that it’s aimed at one specific thing going on in the world, but if it says anything it’s about the human nature and the human condition. But that’s the job of any fable and that’s one of the reasons this was an interesting form of writing to take on with this — that every fable is supposed to have a moral.”] 
  • Avatar will begin a North American tour with In This Moment on April 7th in Milwaukee.