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The Black Keys lay out unreachable career goals, show off their expensive guitars and tell fans they’ll never be as talented as the Keys themselves as they offer unhelpful advice to aspiring musicians in a hilarious Funny Or Die trailer for a fake musical “MasterCourse.” The clip opens with singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach describing why he writes songs as he strums a guitar, with Auerbach explaining, “Every song on a record is trying to accomplish something. That song, in particular, was trying to get me a new pool.” Auerbach also instructs students to take inspiration from their surroundings as he humblebrags, “I wrote that song while eating caviar with Michael Jordan in Paris,” adding that the basketball legend “cheats at blackjack.” Drummer Patrick Carney says about his craft, “It means a lot to be a drummer. One of the things it means is that you’re not a good guitar player — or as good as someone else that you know who’s in your band.” The duo released their ninth studio album and first in five years, “Let’s Rock,” last month. They’ll embark on a North American tour this fall in support of the LP, starting September 21st at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas.