Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler revealed in a new interview with Classic Rock magazine that he used to self-harm when he was younger as he battled depression. Butler explained, “I used to be a cutter. I’d cut my arms, stick pins in my fingers, that kind of thing. I used to get really depressed and it was the only thing that could bring me out from it. If Sabbath hadn’t made it, I’d have been long dead. I’d have killed myself.”

  • Butler added that Sabbath’s iconic 1970 single “Paranoid” was written about his mental state at the time.
  • All three original members of Sabbath say they’ve mellowed with age and their relationships with each other have improved.
  • Singer Ozzy Osbourne said that guitarist Tony Iommi has become much more laid-back since recovering from cancer in 2012.
  • Ozzy said, “He’s changed so much. He used to be the Darth Vader of the band. What he said went, but he’s got really humble. When you get something like cancer, it f**king shakes your tree.”
  • Sabbath is currently in the midst of its year-long “The End” farewell tour, which heads to Europe next month before returning to the States later in the year. The band’s last scheduled date for now is September 24th in San Bernardino, California as part of the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest weekend.

SIDE NOTES: Facts about deliberate self-harm


  • Is there anyone in your life who has self-harmed?
  • What happened and what did they do about it? Did they seek help?
  • Does it surprise you to hear that iconic rock stars like Geezer Butler have suffered from these conditions?

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