Blink-182 announced Tuesday, June 7th via its Facebook page that the first cut from its new album would be released today (June 8th).

The song, titled “Rabbit Hole” is the only song on the new album labeled “Explicit.” Blink-182’s forthcoming album California is set to drop July 1st.

  • In other news, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recently revealed more details about why the band split with singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge in a new interview with Drum magazine, saying, “We would do huge tours and the whole time Tom would be like, ‘We gotta make a huge album, we gotta get in the studio right when we get back.’ Then we’d never hear from him. He’d go ghost. After doing that for so long, the last attempt to make an album, he was like, ‘I refuse to be in the studio without a record deal in place.’ So, we go and sign this record deal, just so we can get this guy in the studio to work. Then he quits the band.”


Blink-182 announces release via Facebook: