Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is reportedly filing two lawsuits over a mishandled medical procedure that left him unable to play drums and the injuries he sustained from a recent car crash. According to TMZ, Barker claims in the first lawsuit that he went to the Medical Imaging Center in Santa Monica to receive an MRI as part of his routine checkup for an upcoming Blink tour and ended up with nerve damage, blood clots and a staph infection. Barker was supposed to be sedated before the MRI, but technicians were unable to find a vein, sticking him at least 40 times in the process with a dirty needle and giving him the infection. He’s suing the medical office for undisclosed damages. The second lawsuit stems from an accident in July in which Barker’s SUV was hit by a school bus. The driver of the bus allegedly made an illegal left turn and caused the collision, so Barker is suing the driver and the bus company for the crash. Barker has been unable to play drums in the aftermath of both incidents, forcing Blink to postpone both a Las Vegas residency and a fall tour, while Barker has also had to turn down other offers to perform. The medical center or bus company have yet to respond to the lawsuit claims. Barker’s 14-year-old son, who was riding with his dad at the time of the accident, is also part of the lawsuit involving the bus.