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Bring Me The Horizon has released a surprise new album titled Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate to~learn to~plot to~play to~be to~feel to~breed to~sweat to~dream to~hide to~live to~die to~GO TO. The eight-song set is available to stream across most digital platforms.

The LP runs for an hour and 15 minutes and features guest appearances from Halsey and others. Two of the tracks are over 10 minutes each, while “Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}” clocks in at a massive 24:05. Fans who have heard the set have been describing it as “ambient” and “electronic.”

Music To Listen To… may be the first of several projects Bring Me The Horizon has lined up. Frontman Oli Sykes told NME recently that the group is changing its approach to releasing music, saying, “We’re not going to do an album again, maybe ever. We’re thinking about doing shorter records . . . the plan is to release multiple records next year.”

Bring Me The Horizon’s latest full-length album, amo, came out last January. The pop-oriented sound of the new disc divided fans of the group’s earlier, heavier musical style.