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Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes says the British band is already playing with ideas for its next album, even though it just released its last full-length LP, Amo, in January. Sykes told Kerrang! that the band wants to cut down on production time for its next LP and get fresh music out much quicker. Sykes explained, “I think we spent a long time on Amo — like nearly over a year. The one vibe that is floating around is, ‘Let’s never do that again, it was too long.’ . . . We’ve started to think about writing and when we want to, and basically never having to get back to the studio and write for six months.” The singer added that the group has a portable studio on the road with it for when ideas arrive. Sykes also said that the group will continue to experiment with its sound, following the shift into a more pop-influenced style on Amo. He remarked, “I guess that last album made us feel like we could literally put anything out; we could go back and write something extremely heavy, or we could write the poppiest song in the world — or a mixture.” Bring Me The Horizon’s recent run of U.S. dates ended on a soggy note as the band’s set at the Sonic Temple festival last weekend in Columbus, Ohio was canceled due to extreme weather.