Late Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky has filed a lawsuit against his doctor for malpractice, accusing the physician of over-prescribing drugs that eventually caused the singer to commit suicide. In the lawsuit, Vicky claims that Dr. Robert Koblin prescribed 940 doses of the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam, a.k.a. Ativan, as well as Oxycodone during the last 20 months of his life, without even examining her husband, performing lab studies or doing anything else to determine if Chris was in danger. The lawsuit alleges the doctor took no steps to protect Chris even though Koblin knew the musician was an “addiction-prone individual.” The suit also claims that Koblin never warned Chris about the dangers of suicide or other side effects of long-term Lorazepam use. According to the claim, “the unmonitored use of such excessive amounts of Lorazepam . . . was known to increase the risk of suicide because it can severely impair judgment, thinking and impulse control and diminish the ability of a patient to think and act rationally.” The suit claims that at the time of his death, Chris Cornell “had everything to live for” and was making plans for future recordings, tours and charitable work, with no indication that he was suicidal. Vicky and her two children are suing for unspecified damages.