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The Disturbed fan who singer David Draiman called out for texting during the band’s show in Dallas on March 23rd has fired back, slamming Draiman and saying she will “never pay to see him again nor will my friends.” The woman, Shannon Pardue, told the Dallas Observer that she was texting her 14-year-old daughter to calm her down as a hailstorm raged outside their house in a Fort Worth suburb. Pardue said she began texting during the break between Disturbed’s main set and its encore.
It was during this time that Draiman called her out from the stage, saying, “Up in the balcony . . . what is so important going on in the world that you need to be texting the entire f**king show? The whole show! You’re right up front; I can see you clear as day. You’ve had your face in your f**king phone the whole g****mn show.”
  • Pardue said she tried to shout to the singer that she was texting her kids, but he couldn’t hear her. He also said to her, “Don’t tell me to go f**k myself . . . I’m not wrong. Am I wrong? If you were up here and I did that to you, how would you feel? Seriously! It is f**king rude. It is!”
  • Draiman later explained his actions in a post online, saying, “That woman was not a fan. She was the date of a real fan who was standing next to her. She was face in phone from the moment the show started ’till the very end.”
  • He added in a later post, “You may not agree with my calling out the girl texting/tweeting/Facebooking the entire show the other night . . . But when we musicians go up on stage, bleed for our art, leave everything up there, and someone doesn’t even have the decency to watch for even one song, it’s like a slap in the face.”
  • After video of the exchange went viral, Pardue told the Observer, “At first it ticked me off. But then I just wanted to go away. I told my husband, ‘The most embarrassing thing in my life just happened to me.'”
  • She added, “Rock stars wouldn’t be where they are without people who come to pay for the show. Whether I had my eyes on him or not, I am still there and I can hear them. He’s an amazing singer, and they were good, but it was just his attitude. I’ll never pay to see him again nor will my friends.”
  • Pardue, who said her husband purchased the tickets for the show six months earlier, concluded that Draiman was a “jerk” and that Disturbed “just lost two big fans.”
  • Disturbed next plays on Wednesday night (March 30th) in Richmond, Virginia.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s fan-filmed footage of the incident (warning – explicit language):

Daily Inquiry:

  • Should Draiman have taken into account that she might have had a family emergency or was communicating with her kids?
  • Should Draiman apologize to her?
  • When you see people texting, do you think that most of the  time they could be doing something important or do you just assume they’re chatting with friends, posting on social media, etc.?
  • Was it Cringe?
  • Should it have mattered so much if ONE girl out of hundreds of people was texting?
  • Is this guy a little full of himself?
  • Do people just sometimes hate each other for very little and act cruel for no reason?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Joe Barnes wrote: “It doesn’t matter that she was texting, or even if she was an actual fan (or someone’s date). She represented a paid ticket, so DD should lay off.”

Sean Nope wrote: “Everyone involved probably could have kept a cooler head about the whole thing, but Draiman IS more than just kind of a jerk;’ I met him once, years ago, and he was just as angry and belligerent then as he is in seemingly every interview I’ve ever seen of him.”

Shelby Brown wrote: “I completely agree with Draiman on this. If the woman was genuinely checking on her daughter in an emergency that’s one thing. But it looks to me that was not that case as Draiman said her face was buried in her phone the whole time. Good on Draiman for calling her rude inconsiderate behavior out.”

Seags Man wrote: “She needed to text her high school age daughter because she was safely at home during some bad weather? Come on, we all know her story is bulls**t anyway. She’s just among the growing population of losers these days who can’t look away from their phones for two seconds.”

Regardless, good music is good music, check out their tour dates on Google!