Disturbed plans to return to the studio later this year and record an acoustic EP before starting work on its next full-length studio album, according to an interview with singer David Draiman by German outlet Rock Antenne. Asked when fans can expect to hear new music from the group, Draiman answered, “Well, the plan at this particular point in time is to take a little bit of time off, spend some time with our families, get some personal stuff done. We have an acoustic EP that we’re working on. That’s something we’ve wanted to do for years that we just never had the time or the opportunity to.”

The idea of Disturbed doing an acoustic EP is not a foreign concept for the band. Draiman told us a while back that Disturbed has always wanted to put melody in its music: [“There’s a huge contingency of kids that want stuff that they can just bash their head open to, you know, and that’s great. We provide that as well. But to us, when we make our music, it has to be fused with melody. The aggression and the power needs to be harnessed with hooks that stay with you.”] 

  • Draiman added that the band will probably record its seventh full-length album in 2018 for release later that year, with touring to take place in 2019.
  • An acoustic EP now could also capitalize on the success Disturbed has had with its cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s “The Sound Of Silence,” which has been a massive hit that has introduced the band to new audiences.
  • Asked if any “Sound Of Silence” fans had been confused by the group’s normally heavy sound, Draiman replied, “I haven’t seen any of that . . . Granted, ‘The Sound Of Silence’ is an amazing and beautiful moment within the performance every single night, but it’s definitely not the situation that I was warned of, potentially.”
  • Disturbed’s latest album, 2015’s Immortalized, ended a four-year hiatus for the quartet and was its fifth album to enter the Billboard 200 chart at Number One.
  • “The Sound Of Silence” was certified platinum last June for sales or downloads of more than one million copies, while Immortalized has moved more than 500,000 copies.