Disturbed frontman David Draiman has slammed the media in a new interview, referring to music journalists as “pathetic parasites” who report on “absolute meaningless stupidity” when it comes to his band. Draiman has made headlines in recent months for several onstage incidents, including calling out a texting fan during the band’s show in Dallas last March and commenting on the breast size of a female audience member in Midland, Texas in October.

Speaking to Spokane radio station Rock 94 1/2, Draiman said that the coverage of both incidents were examples of modern media outlets making clickbait and headlines out of stories that don’t deserve the attention. He explained, “You can never make the picture more clear of who are the pathetic parasites out there who don’t know the first thing about real journalism on any level by what they do with a situation like that, or whether they even choose to report on a situation like that.”

  • Draiman also slammed what he perceived to be a politically correct atmosphere currently in America, saying, “Welcome to the new age, ladies and gentlemen, where everybody is butthurt by everything, everything needs to be softened up for everyone, and everybody gets called out on absolute meaningless stupidity.”
  • Draiman told us a while back that he thinks people are overwhelmed in general now by all kinds of media: [“People are barraged by information these days, and so much of it is utter and total nonsense, and not based in fact, and such fluff and propaganda and we’re just barraged by it. It’s up to people to seek out the truth where they can find it, in a real way.”] 
  • Disturbed released a new live album, titled Live At Red Rocks, on November 18th. The disc was recorded at an August 15th, 2016 show at the famous Colorado amphitheater during Disturbed’s tour in support of current album Immortalized.
  • Immortalized was released in August 2015 and became Disturbed’s fifth album to enter the Billboard 200 album chart at Number One — a feat shared only with Metallica and Dave Matthews Band.