Alabama physician Dr. Richard Snellgrove was indicted on November 16th for allegedly providing drugs to former 3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts, who fatally overdosed on prescription medications three months ago. According to Fox 6 News, Snellgrove allegedly prescribed five different drugs — including methadone, hydrocodone, loraxepam and fentanyl — with different names and sometimes to different people, all intended for Roberts. The 38-year-old musician was found dead on August 20th in a hotel room in West Bend, Wisconsin, where he was scheduled to perform at a charity event for veterans.

  • Roberts’ father Darrell said, “There’s no satisfaction in seeing a doctor arrested. I don’t have any bitterness, no anger, nothing like that towards the doctor, but I’m also aware this is a serious issue in the medical community all over the United States.”
  • Investigators alleged that Snellgrove “prescribed controlled substances to Matthew Roberts for no legitimate medical purposes,” according to their official complaint filed in federal court, adding that one unnamed subject described Snellgrove as a “celebrity junkie.”
  • Snellgrove had allegedly prescribed drugs for Roberts from October 2010 through August 18th, 2016. Roberts had been a patient of Snellgrove’s since at least 2004.
  • A founding member of 3 Doors Down, Roberts left the band in 2012 to concentrate on his health and was replaced by Chet Roberts (no relation).