• Finally, Tool is working on a new album, a decade after 2006’s 10,000 Days.
  • What has inhibited them for so long was a legal battle against an artist who felt his work was never credited.
  • The only way the situation could be solved was by suing the band, the insurance company ended up trying to sue the band when they passed the issue on to them.
  • A solution was on the horizon for the band when they where transferred to a North L.A. Courthouse and got a judge by the name of Randy Rhodes.
  • Guitarist Jones attributes their good fortune to his love of metal.
  • He goes on to say that their greatest asset is their ability to create songs, lyrics, riffs, etc. while they are jamming.
  • Nothing yet can be said about the new album, all that can be said is that they are going for specific genres, old and new, doesn’t mean this psych-metal band won’t surprise us!
  • Tool is also on a yet another World Tour, check online for the concert dates and locations to see if they are near you!
  • Also check out one of their latest songs!