Erin Andrews may have come out on top in her peeping tom case but there is one change she is requesting to make on the verdict. According to TMZ, the sports reporter wants Marriott to be responsible for paying her the full $55 million that was awarded to hear by a jury earlier this month.

The jury initially split the expense between Marriott and the man who taped her, Michael Barrett. Erin’s legal team is now requesting to have the verdict adjusted because Michael does not have the $28 million that he owes.

  • Attorneys for Marriott initially responded to the ruling saying, “Our clients were manipulated by a criminal who had honed his skill at several prior hotels before coming to Nashville to commit his intentional act against Ms. Andrews. It is very difficult to overcome the perception that Michael Barrett’s acts, acts he also committed at other hotels and against other women, should be the responsibility of our clients. We are discussing with our clients their options at this point in light of the ruling.”
  • Do you think the onus should lay squarely on Marriott?
  • How much would you demand if a similar thing happened?
  • What is the craziest thing that has ever happened while staying at a hotel?