Evanescence singer Amy Lee was asked in a new interview with AltWire why she decided to properly release the demo album the band recorded in 2000, called Origin, as part of the upcoming vinyl box set The Ultimate Collection. Lee explained, “I think part of it is just having enough time and space in-between ‘me now’ and ‘me then.’ I’m not worried at this point that somebody is going to be confused, and that’s going to define me, if that makes sense.”

Lee added, “My gut initial thought was, ‘No! No way! I’m never going to release that!’ But then I thought, ‘You know what? As a fan, I get why that’s cool.’ I went back and I listened to it, and I was still cringing but I can see the beauty in it, y’know, as the very beginnings of what eventually became Evanescence, and me and who I am today.”

  • The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set will contain all three of the band’s official studio albums, including 2003’s Fallen, 2006’s The Open Door and 2011’sEvanescence, as well as Origin and a collection called The Lost Whispers, which officially compiles the band’s rare bonus tracks.
  • The Lost Whispers will also feature the first new Evanescence studio recording in years, “Even In Death (2016),” a new version of a song that initially appeared on Origin.
  • Evanescence went on hiatus after touring for the release of its 2011 self-titled record. During that time, singer Amy Lee gave birth to her son,Jack, and worked on both solo and soundtrack music.
  • Evanescence will head out this fall on a month-long run of shows beginning October 28th in Dallas.