Fall Out Boy is being sued over the band’s use of — ready for this — llama puppets. In a newly filed lawsuit, Furry Puppet Studio Inc. is taking legal action against the band over its video for the song “Young and Menace” from 2017’s M A N I A album. According to a 133-page complaint filed in Manhattan court last Friday (March 15th), Furry Puppet Studio claims it was hired to create the puppets for the “Young And Menace” clip only, and not for anything beyond that. But now the company alleges that the llamas have taken “a life of their own,” with Fall Out Boy using the puppets as branding for merchandise and a social app, in addition to bringing the puppets onstage with them at concerts and TV appearances and using them to promote the band’s Llamania EP released last February. Furry Puppet’s lawsuit alleges, “None of this was within the scope of the original limited implied license, and none of it was foreseeable to Plaintiff,” adding that the “widespread uses” of the llama puppets went “far beyond the scope of the initial project.” The company is suing the band for copyright infringement, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and other counts. Fall Out Boy has not commented on the lawsuit.