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A determined Slipknot fan may have finally figured out the identity of “Tortilla Man,” the mysterious new percussionist in the band whose name has been kept a closely guarded secret. After Slipknot guitarist Jim Root gave a recent interview in which he described Tortilla Man as “a world-class pianist” and “a great percussionist” who is “schooled in music,” Reddit user Les Connelly did some digging and has now gone public with his findings. According to Connelly, Tortilla Man is multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff, who played keyboards in Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s side project Dirty Little Rabbits. Pfaff was apparently introduced to Crahan years ago by Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson. Pfaff has a similar build and height as Tortilla Man, and Redditors have found that Pfaff’s family members are following “#tortillaman” and other hashtags on social media related to the mystery musician. Tortilla Man joined Slipknot three months ago, replacing longtime member Chris Fehn and making his debut in the video for the single “Unsainted.” Crahan refused to reveal his identity in a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, saying it was “nobody’s f**king business.” Tortilla Man has been on the road with Slipknot this summer as the Iowa band supports its newly released sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind.