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Members of a Facebook page called “Justice For Oli Herbert,” started by friends and fans of the late All That Remains guitarist, have put a billboard near his home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut seeking information regarding his passing.

Herbert was found dead on October 16th, 2018 at a pond on his Stafford Springs, Connecticut property. He was reported missing by his wife Elizabeth a few hours earlier, and his body was discovered by police face down at the edge of the pond where the water was only a few inches deep.

The Connecticut State Police Eastern District Crime Squad has been investigating Herbert’s death, which is being treated as suspicious. They are looking at the will he signed a week before his death as well as a life insurance policy mentioned in the will. The will named Elizabeth Herbert as executor and sole benefactor, while stating that Oli’s sister, Cynthia Herbert, should receive nothing.

Elizabeth wrote on Facebook a short time after her husband’s death that anti-depressants were found in his system by a medical examiner and that he had been “self-treating” for manic depression.

Herbert began playing guitar at 14 and co-founded All That Remains with singer Phil Labonte in 1998. The latter referred to Herbert’s wife as a “garbage human being” and claimed that he urged the guitarist to divorce her.