Five Finger Death Punch was forced to cut its show at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on Friday night (November 25th) short because singer Ivan Moody was unable to perform. Moody was allegedly overcome with grief over the apparent illness of someone close to him. Although Moody appeared to tell the crowd that his “mother” was “passing along today,” it was later reported that he was supposedly referring to his “rehab mother,” a woman he had grown close to while in rehab and who was very ill but had not yet died.

  • The band reportedly played a total eight songs, with bassist Chris Kael handling the lead vocals on at least three of them.
  • Moody was led off stage at one point, with Kael coming back out to apologize to the audience and explain that the band could not continue. He said, “As you can see, tonight is a very emotional night . . . We tried to put on a show for you guys, but sometimes things are heavier than even we can imagine. So on behalf of Five Finger Death Punch, all of us, we appreciate you guys coming out. We need to get back there and be with our frontman, we’ve gotta get back there with our brother.”
  • Moody addressed the situation the next night (November 26th) in Newark, New Jersey, telling the audience, “I was asked not to say anything about my past. I’ve never done what anybody told me to. Last night I had a mental moment. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or any of it. True. Just melted down. The last thing I wanna do was embarrass my band, or my family, or any of you.” apparently contacted Moody’s sister, Sandi, after the incident occurred, and she said, “Our mother is alive and well. I believe in my personal opinion that Ivan was drunk and used that as an excuse for his horrid behavior.” She later reiterated to Mayhem Music Network, “You can tell them that my mom is fine, and that she is healthy. That no one in my family is dying. And that I truly hope Ivan gets help for his addictions.” It has been reported previously that Moody has a strained relationship with his sister and mother.

  • Various fans commented online that Moody did not appear to be sober during the Worcester show.
  • Moody previously had an onstage meltdown during a May 2015 show in Memphis. The incident was blamed on his abuse of alcohol and drugs. He entered rehab after that.
  • Five Finger Death Punch is next scheduled to perform on Tuesday night (November 29th) in Syracuse, New York.