Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook explained in a new interview with Halifax, Nova Scotia radio station Live 105 why the band decided to sign with Rise Records instead of starting its own label following the end of its contract with Prospect Park. Hook said, “The nuts and bolts of it is that it takes a good, focused team to do all of the things that need to be done for a record and its cycle. And we’re not delusional about knowing that a good team and a good label is just healthy and good for us. And Rise, it’s a very hard-working, no-bullcrap, focused label, and they work hard.”

Hook added that the band had “offers across the board from every label,” but wanted a “label full of people that are really as hard-working as we are.” He said that Rise became the band’s choice after a “very thorough screening process” and that “they’ve been fantastic so far . . . we’re looking forward to our future with them.”

  • The band’s first album with Rise will be released following the completion of the band’s obligation to its current label.
  • Prospect Park sued Five Finger Death Punch in April, alleging that the group wanted to rush the recording of a new album to “cash in” before the anticipated “downfall” of singer Ivan Moody, who was revealed to be in rehab.
  • The group did begin work on a new record last month despite the fact that it’s only been 10 months since the release of their last effort, Got Your Six.
  • Hook told Live 105, “We’re hyper individuals and we like to be productive. And the other part of that, too, is that we have to tour so much that there really is only a certain amount of time available to do recording. So even though it may sound premature, it’s not coming out this month — it’s gonna come out next year — but we have to fit in some of that work now, because this is the only gap we have.”
  • Five Finger Death Punch recently announced a new co-headlining arena tour with Shinedown that will kick off on October 18th in Little Rock, Arkansas.


  • Do you think Five Finger Death Punch just wanted to get out of a bad deal?
  • Even though the band is recording now, the album won’t be out until next year. Is that enough time since Got Your Six came out?
  • In the old days, artists used to release one or sometimes two albums a year. Now the average is anywhere from two to four years between records. Which is better?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Chuck Smith wrote: “They obviously put their label staff through more of a screening process than they do for singers.”

Chris Behrmann wrote: “Truth probably is that rise is the only label that would entertain or pay such a s**tty band and this kind of s**tty music.”

Lester Jameson wrote: “the worst band. monster energy bro metal. still cant believe that these guys are one of the biggest metal bands in america.”

Greg T Carpenter wrote: “Can’t stand their music, but I can actually believe they had a lot of offers. Dudes still sell records, despite, or maybe because of, the generic radio rock they play.”