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Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody has launched a brand-new line of CBD and non-CBD products titled Moody’s Medicinals. The line will premiere its initial series of high-quality products, specializing in both Cannabidiol (CBD) and non-CBD wellness, worldwide on Tuesday, June 25th at and at retail locations. Moody, a recovering alcoholic, has endorsed the holistic benefits of CBD products, which he says has helped him manage his own symptoms of anxiety, PTSD and OCD. The singer also introduced a daily CBD regimen to his mother, claiming it created immediate improvements in her chronic conditions. Unable to find a brand with consistency, he decided to create his own. Moody explained, “I use Moody’s Medicinals, because it tames my anxiety before, during and after performances. On the road, I’m often not able to eat on a normal schedule and Moody’s Medicinals has managed my appetite when I need it and helped me stay focused and healthy.” Five Finger Death Punch is currently recording its eighth album with its regular producer, Kevin Churko, the Canadian record producer/engineer and songwriter who works out of his private Las Vegas facility, The Hideout Recording Studio.