Godsmack‘s five-year-old cover of the Beatles classic “Come Together” has inexplicably vaulted to the top of Billboard‘s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart, with 11,000 downloads sold in the week ending March 2nd. The number of times the song was streamed in the U.S. also increased a stunning 4,972 percent increase to 1.5 million, while the album on which the track appears, Live & Inspired, sold 4,000 copies in the past week.

  • The sharp increase in streams and sales is the result of a post on rock website SocietyofRock.com which spotlighted the song.
  • Drummer Shannon Larkin said about Godsmack’s decision to record the song, “In 1978, Aerosmith, who’s obviously a huge influence on us as a Boston band, covered ‘Come Together’ on the Live! Bootleg album. We listened to that version and the original. We knew Aerosmith added modernity and more rocking sound to the Beatles’ version.”
  • He added, “We wanted to bring it into the 2000s with a heavier guitar tone. Tony (Rombola, guitar) wrote a more chunking riff than the Aerosmith version. We wanted to make it Godsmack. We approached it like, ‘If we wrote the song, what would it have sounded like today?'”
  • Godsmack recently began writing its seventh studio album, which will follow up 2014’s 1000 Horsepower and commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary in 2018.