Foo Fighters are officially the funniest band in rock, according to Spin. Following Wednesday night’s (March 2nd) massive prank, in which the band teased an “official announcement” only to use a hilarious video to refute rumors that they were breaking up, Spin stepped through the group’s history as natural comedians.

Among the highlights were the 1996 Mentos commercial spoof “Big Me,” the clip for 1999’s “Learn To Fly,” in which Dave Grohl donned a wig and fake boobs while the rest of the band played airplane passengers drugged by Tenacious D, and 2002’s “Low,” in which Grohl cross-dressed in a motel room with Jack Black.

  • The Foos have also pulled stunts like trolling the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church not just once but twice.
  • This week’s prank followed online rumors and speculation that the group was breaking up, following Grohl’s announcement late last year that they were going on hiatus.
  • His solo performance at the Oscars last weekend fueled rumors that he was preparing to go solo.
  • When the “official announcement” finally arrived this week, it consisted of a video in which Grohl attempted a solo career as an electronic musician while the rest of the Foos mulled over other frontmen and finally settled on Nick Lachey.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s the “Big Me” video:

Here’s “Learn To Fly”:

Watch the band troll the Westboro Baptist Church:

Here’s this week’s “official announcement” video: