Foo Fighters basically trolled the world and most of their fans on Wednesday night (March 2nd) with an “official band announcement” that turned out to be a gigantic prank. Following several days of speculation over reports of tension within the group and the possibility that the Foos were splitting, the “announcement” was actually a video in which the band mocked those very rumors, showing a self-absorbed Dave Grohl trying to record a solo project while the other members plotted to find his replacement.

  • In the seven-minute clip, Grohl decides to embark on a solo career after believing all the hype surrounding his performance at the Oscars last Sunday (February 28th).
  • While he struggles to record both an electronic music number and a rancid ballad, the other four members of the Foos run down a list of potential new singers that includes everyone fromPrince to Scott Stapp.
  • They finally settle on Nick Lachey, who actually does a decent version of “Everlong” with them.
  • Just in case you didn’t get it, the video posts a message at the end that reads, “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s f**king going solo!”
  • All this began on Monday (February 29th) with a report from the New York Post that cited an unnamed source saying that there was “tension” between Foos frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins over Grohl’s alleged plans to launch a solo career.
  • Grohl said that Foo Fighters were going on hiatus for a while following the conclusion late last year of the touring cycle behind its 2014 album Sonic Highways. That seems to be the only part of this that is still true.

CHECK IT OUT: Here is the Foo Fighters video:


  • What do you make of the Foos prank?
  • Did you believe for a while, before the video, that something serious was going on?