Former Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop slammed the group in a new interview with Alternative Press, saying, “My priority always lies with my art, and that has never changed and will never change. I ended up leaving (Asking Alexandria) because it lost the art to me. It lost its artistic integrity in my eyes. It was just selling out and that’s not what I do.”

Worsnop and Asking Alexandria parted ways over the band’s musical direction and tension over Worsnop’s side project We Are Harlot. Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce admitted that some lyrics on the band’s latest album, The Black, were written out of frustration with Worsnop, saying, “Danny just stopped caring about Asking Alexandria; his heart wasn’t in it anymore.”

  • Asking Alexandria has moved on with new vocalist Denis Stoff, while Worsnop is preparing to release a solo album that shifts away from hard rock and has more of a country sound to it.
  • Asked whether We Are Harlot will return, Worsnop said, “People are wondering if there’s going to be a second Harlot record and yes, there will be. It won’t be this year, but there will definitely be another Harlot record next year. The band still exists.”
  • We Are Harlot scored on the rock radio chart last year with “Dancing On Nails” and “Someday,” while Asking Alexandria’s current single, “Here I Am,” is Number 18 on the airplay survey.
  • Worsnop recently released “Out Without You,” the first single from his upcoming solo disc The Prozac Sessions.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Danny Worsnop’s video for “Out Without You”:


  • Is there something a little strange about Danny Worsnop accusing his ex-band of selling out and then turning around and making a country music album?
  • Do you listen to either Asking Alexandria or We Are Harlot? Do you like Asking Alexandria’s new singer?
  • Would it best if both bands just avoided any sort of war of words?