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Former Five Finger Death Punch bassist Matt Snell has launched a new band called Unveil The Strength. An introductory video, featuring the upcoming track “War Inside Us All,” has been posted online. Snell said about the band, “We want to put the grown man back in metal — that spirit is being lost in the shuffle. We’re going back to the roots, to real f**king metal.” Snell noted that Unveil The Strength does not intend to do a traditional album release. He explained, “Instead of releasing all 10 songs at once that will just be put up on the Internet to be stolen, our idea is to constantly release new songs all the time. We want to unveil this record to the public, with a video to go along with each song.” The bass player is joined in the group by Mark Wölfe, Andy James, Matt Guillory and Tim Hassemer. The band is officially based out of Austin, Texas, although the members hail from London, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Texas. Snell was a member of Five Finger Death Punch’s original lineup, joining the band in 2006. He departed in late 2010 after appearing on the band’s first two albums, 2007’s The Way Of The Fist and 2009’s War Is The Answer. He was replaced by current bassist Chris Kael.