A Swedish musician named Martin Persner has released a video message in which he claims that he played guitar for the band Ghost as the Nameless Ghoul given the unofficial name “Omega” by fans due to the symbol on his stage outfit. In the video, Persner says, “Hi, my name is Martin, and I’ve been a part of the rock band Ghost for seven years. Some of you people know me as Omega or Quintessence or a Nameless Ghoul or a f**king a****le for that matter.”

Persner added, “Since July of last year — 2016, that is — I’m no longer a part of Ghost, as some of you have noticed. The reasons why we’ll take at another date, not today. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to everyone that has supported us, and me, and having come to the shows and all the tours and everything. I’m very, very happy and humbled for having been able to do this.”

  • Persner continued that he is now involved with the revival of a band called Magna Carta Cartel, in which several of the original members of Ghost allegedly met. He explained, “MCC went to sleep seven years ago as Ghost emerged . . . Now things have changed and it’s time that MCC wakes up and rises up again.”
  • A Nameless Ghoul told us a while back that the seed for Ghost was planted while he and two other Ghouls were in a different band: [“We come from a collective of people where bands form and break and projects get started and, you know, amounts to nothing, and three of us in the band, we were in another band, and we were recording an album in 2006. And during a soundcheck, I basically came up with a riff that, ‘this sounds kind of cool.’ And after that little soundcheck, that riff just stuck.”] 
  • Rumors have been circulating since late last year that Ghost will debut an all-new lineup on its headlining European tour that begins next month. Singer and band leader Papa Emeritus III — who is believed to be Swedish rock musician Tobias Forge — is rumored to have fired all five of the instrumental players in the band, who are only known as Nameless Ghouls.
  • Since none of the musicians in the band are ever identified, personnel changes in the group have gone unannounced since Ghost first began recording and touring. Sharp-eyed fans noticed that the “Omega” character was a different person during the group’s fall North American tour.
  • Forge, who writes almost all of the group’s music and does most of the act’s interviews disguised as a Nameless Ghoul, said in a recent interview, “Performing Ghost and recording Ghost has never really been the same thing. So that we can preserve our sound; we don’t have to rely on… if some people come and go, which is good.”
  • Ghost will begin recording its fourth full-length album in August, after the band returns home from a North American tour with Iron Maiden.
  • PHOTO CREDITS: metalsucks.net