Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand has announced that guitarist Nick McCarthy is parting ways with the band. McCarthy, who played rhythm guitar and keyboard, has been a member of the group since its formation in 2002, recording four studio albums with them. He also participated in FFS, the collaboration between members of Franz Ferdinand and American group Sparks that resulted in a 2015 album also titled FFS.

Franz Ferdinand issued a statement on Friday (July 8th) indicating that McCarthy “will not be taking part in the recording or touring of the next Franz Ferdinand album.” They added, “When we record or tour, it takes a long, full-time commitment lasting a minimum of a year and a half, most of which is spent away from home. Nick has a young family and does not want to be away from them for such a long period.”

  • The band did leave the door open for McCarthy to possibly return at some point, saying, “This is not necessarily a permanent situation and we will let you know if circumstances change in the future.”
  • McCarthy added his own thoughts, saying, “I’d really like to thank all the fans for being such an inspiration over the years. What an amazing time it has been. I’m going to concentrate on production and writing some completely different things for a bit and we can all look forward to hearing the new Franz Ferdinand album.”
  • Frontman Alex Kapranos told us a while back that he and the band never wanted to think of what they do as “work”: [“It is a lot of effort, and you put a lot of effort into it, but I wouldn’t say it’s work, and it never should be work either. You put a lot of effort into it because you enjoy it, but it’s not hard work. There’s a very subtle distinction there between the work and the effort. It’s not work because you want to do it, and you enjoy doing it.”] SOUNDCUE(:17 OC: . . . enjoy doing it.)
  • The last official Franz Ferdinand album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, came out in 2013.
  • The band’s hits at Modern Rock radio over the years have included “Take Me Out,” which reached Number Three in 2004, “Do You Want To” and “No You Girls.”


  • Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow in 2002 and issued its first EP, Darts Of Pleasure, a year later. The group has sold more than three million albums worldwide.
  • The band had a rocky few years in the U.S. during the mid-2000s, when its U.S. label was accused of bribing DJs to play their music.
  • In 2010, the band had a falling out with the same label, Epic Records for reportedly licensing one of their songs for a McDonald’s ad campaign without getting approval from the band.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for “Take Me Out”: