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Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst’s latest film as a director, The Fanatic, was a tremendous flop at the box office when it opened this past weekend. The film, which stars John Travolta, grossed just $3,153 on Friday from 52 theaters scattered around the U.S. for a location average of around $60. The movie was projected to earn no more than $15,000 for the four-day holiday weekend. In a handful of theaters, it grossed $10 or less, while the highest gross was $736 at the Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood. The Fanatic stars Travolta as an obsessive fan named Moose who stalks an action movie star. Critics have slammed the film, giving it a 17 percent rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It will be Travolta’s fourth straight box office bomb in a row, following In A Valley Of Violence, Killing Season and Gotti. A review at The Wrap stated, “Durst and his main star have, rather than giving us a character, merely offered up a hapless, carnival figure of laughable madness, alternately impossible and improbable.” Neither of Durst’s previous films, 2007’s The Education Of Charlie Banks and 2008’s The Longshots, were box office successes. The former earned just $15,000 on a $5 million budget.