Garbage has released “Empty,” the first single from the band’s upcoming sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds. The anxious lyrics, electronic drumbeats and sharp guitars are a throwback to the sound of early Garbage records like their self-titled 1995 debut and 1998’s Version 2.0. Singer Shirley Manson said in a statement, “‘Empty’ is just exactly what it says it is. A song about emptiness.”

  • Strange Little Birds is due out on June 10th through Garbage’s own label imprint, Stunvolume.
  • The new disc follows up 2012’s Not Your Kind Of People, which ended a seven-year hiatus for the group. Manson told us at the time why they decided to return: [“You know, I just felt a longing, I suppose, you know, to do it, and enough time had passed where all the sort of negative feelings towards having a public career in music had faded, and all I had left were all the great things and the things I love.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . things I love.)
  • Strange Little Birds was recorded in Garbage drummer Butch Vig‘s basement as well as Red Razor Sounds in Los Angeles.
  • Manson stated that the “guiding principle” behind the album was “keeping it fresh, and relying on instinct both lyrically and musically.”
  • Garbage will perform at various festivals and headlining shows across Europe this summer, with additional live dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to the new Garbage single, “Empty”:

INTERNET COMMENTS at YouTube — agree or not?

Juan Nunez wrote: “Garbage has a new single. Everything is going to be OK. ”

Toni Meter wrote: “Shirley Manson sings about my current life situation. ”

Jules Fox wrote: “I really loved this new track!! Great to see the band back!! love you Garbage! All of you,but Shirley you are still like a Goddess to me, an amazing woman. Your band, from the beginning, helped me get through a Hell of a lot in my life and I’m sure that will happen again!”

Alisson Caetano wrote: “Raw. Real. Dark. Purely sincere and beautiful. ”