Ghost founder and frontman Tobias Forge, who performs as Papa Emeritus, may end up reaching a possible settlement with four ex-members of the group who sued him earlier this year. The parties, or at least their legal representatives, were due to meet in court in the band’s hometown of Linkoping, Sweden on Monday to begin discussions about resolving their legal dispute, which started when the four musicians sued Forge for what they claimed was their proper share of the band’s earnings. Ex-members were seeking to go through the band’s accounting from 2011 to the end of 2016. They claim that they were underpaid for their work with the band and owed back earnings via a partnership with Forge that was supposed to distribute the group’s money evenly. Forge, in his own legal motion, disputed the claims and the existence of such a partnership, alleging that the former members were essentially “musicians for hire” who did everything according to Forge’s specifications. Forge dismissed the entire lineup of the band at the end of 2016, hiring a new group of musicians for touring purposes in 2017 as the band closed out the cycle behind its breakthrough 2015 LP Meliora and is currently in the studio recording Ghost’s fourth full-length LP.