A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost has said in a new interview with the Salt Lake Tribune that the band’s Satanic image has not held them back from becoming more successful in the United States. He explained, “I know some people that work in certain places where they might have shunned away from us in the past, they say right out, ‘Well, first of all, we thought you were a Cookie Monster band, and then we thought you were all Satanic, but then I noticed that you’re theater! So that’s fun, that’s entertainment!’ You know, call it what you will.”

He added, “We don’t want people to do anything stupid or do anything offensive to anyone. We’re telling people to be nice. We’re telling people to be happy. We want people to come out of our shows with a big smile on their face. Maybe it took a few years of touring and maybe a little bit of a reputation for people to understand that.”