Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola and drummer Shannon Larkin‘s side project, The Apocalypse Blues Revue, has signed a record deal with the Provogue label. The outfit, formerly known as the Blue Cross Band, will release its debut album later in the year. Larkin said about the group, “As far as blues goes, Apocalypse Blues Revue is a little heavier, a little darker, and has some punk rock attitude in the lyrics. We wanted to make something deep that will provoke thought. It had to be evil, though. We’re not trying to make it happy. It’s called blues for a reason! It was also an opportunity to show the world what a phenomenal guitar player Tony is.”

  • The band’s lineup is rounded out by frontman Ray Cerbone and bassist Brian Carpenter.
  • Larkin, Rombola and Godsmack bassist Robbie Merrill previously worked together in a more traditional hard rock side project, Another Animal, which released one album back in 2007.
  • Godsmack singer Sully Erna has pursued his own solo side career, issuing the album Avalon in 2010.
  • Although the side projects caused tension within Godsmack in the past, Erna told us a while back that its members of Godsmack are in a much better place with each other these days: [“You know, I think we’re finally to that place now where everybody just has so much respect for each other and we’ve gotten over the really tough moments and really understand our place as a band now, not only with the fans and in this industry, but amongst each other — you know, getting through all those tough spots and coming back to a place where we really have regained our brotherhood and we’re getting along better now than ever.”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . now than ever.)
  • Godsmack’s latest album, 1000 Horsepower, came out in 2014. It was the quartet’s first new album in four years and debuted at Number Three on the Billboardalbum chart.
  • The group spent much of 2015 on the road behind the disc, which included the singles “Something Different” and the title track.


  • Do you think that, despite what Sully said, the members of Godsmack are drifting apart?
  • Does this blues project sound like something you’d want to check out, or should these guys get back to work on a new Godsmack record?
  • Has the band run its course?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Lavartis J. wrote: “Hopefully, Shannon Larkin will be allowed to really let loose and do his thing. The guy is (used to be) a killer drummer.”

Brownie Lawmore wrote: “Beats Godsmack, at least.”

Michael Stanislaus wrote: “This might very well be worth anyone’s time, especially those of us who are sick and tired of the music that’s happening of late, the players notwithstanding. I remember when Down first came out and going yeah, this is definitely my cup of tea. We’ll see how this turns out.”