Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola and drummer Shannon Larkin‘s new side project, the Apocalypse Blues Revue, has released a video clip of the band talking about its first single, “Whiskey In My Coffee.” The track is taken from the group’s self-titled debut album, which is due out on August 26th. Larkin said about the band, “As far as blues goes, Apocalypse Blues Revue is a little heavier, a little darker, and has some punk rock attitude in the lyrics. We wanted to make something deep that will provoke thought. It had to be evil, though. We’re not trying to make it happy. It’s called blues for a reason!”

  • Larkin added, “It was also an opportunity to show the world what a phenomenal guitar player Tony is.” The drummer recalled first hearing Rombola play the blues in 2010, saying, “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know he was into blues or could play the way he does. My reaction was immediate. We had to officially start a blues band.”
  • Larkin told us a while back that he’s never held any other job except playing music: [“I started playing nightclubs when I was 13 years old, and I’m one of those lucky musicians that have never worked a day job. I’ve always been a musician and always been able to pay my rent through playing music. So I’m a one-percenter.”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . I’m a one-percenter.)
  • Other songs on the Apocalypse Blues Revue’s debut include “Evil Is As Evil Does,” “Junkie Hell,” “Devil Plays A Strat,” “Crossed Over” and “The Devil In Me.”
  • The Revue’s lineup is rounded out by frontman Ray Cerbone and bassist Brian Carpenter.
  • Godsmack frontman Sully Erna will issue his second solo album, Hometown Life, sometime later this year.

LISTENERS’ POLL: Are side projects healthy for the main band or do they push the members apart?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Mark Carras wrote: “I think I like this better than Godsmack. But just make sure to only put cheap whiskey in your coffee. No cask strength bourbon aged in new, charred oak for 20 years.”

Chad Whitney wrote: “I was thinking about trying a little whiskey in my coffee.”

Dee You Ate wrote: “Dear Mr Larkin, please stop being in Godsmack, you’re way too talented.”

Lavartis J. Collinsworth III wrote: “Hopefully, Shannon will be allowed to really let loose and do his thing. The guy is (used to be) a killer drummer.”

Michael Stanislaus wrote: “This might very well be worth anyone’s time, especially those of us who are sick and tired of the music that’s happening of late, the players notwithstanding.”