Godsmack is planning to commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary in 2018 with a massive world tour that could feature the group playing its self-titled 1998 debut disc live from start to finish. Lead singer Sully Erna told Houston radio station 94.5 FM about the trek, “We’re gonna do a massive production. We’re gonna kind of base it around the theme of the first record. We’re even talking about coming out and doing the first record front to back to open the show — set up the staging a little bit more old school and stuff like that, and then kind of morph it into the back half of the set, which would be all the hits and the solo and some of the new stuff.”

Erna told us a while back that he was ambivalent for some time about playing albums from front to back in concert: [“It seems like a lot of bands would come out and do that when they’re celebrating like their 25th anniversary on the record and stuff (laughs) — I’m old, but we’re not that old yet. We’re getting there though. It’s not gonna be but another minute before we go like, ‘Wow, really, 20 years? Okay. . . ‘”]

  • Erna also said in the radio interview that Godsmack originally planned to put out a new album in 2017, but explained why that changed, saying, “We wanted to do something this year, but we were just, like, ‘You know, let’s just wait another second,’ because if we release this at the top of 2018, it will be our 20th-year anniversary of the first record, and we wanna do something special.”
  • The band’s seventh studio album will follow up 2014’s 1000 Horsepower. Erna said, “I have to write a really great record for us, and that’s the tough part.”