Gorillaz have dropped another major hint that a new album is on the way from the virtual band. The animated act has posted a new story about one of its members, Noodle, on social media. The Book Of Noodle was posted in a series of 12 tweets with videos embedded in them that recounted what happened after the guitarist left Plastic Beach, which was also the title of the last Gorillaz album in 2010.

According to the story, Noodle, who was left for dead during the recording of Plastic Beach after a helicopter attack, went through an attack by pirates and ended up in Japan. There, she opened up a pearl shell and unleashed Mazuu, a “shape-shifting devil of unimaginable evil.” She managed to behead the demon — the only way to kill it — while disguised as a geisha, before shipping herself back to the London home of Gorillaz bassist Murdoc Niccals.

The story alternates between text, Japanese-style drawings and snippets of animation, backed with an eclectic mix of Japanese and lounge music.