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As heavily rumored for the past week, Green Day performed its breakthrough 1994 album Dookie in full during a concert in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday night (October 30th).

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong previously teased the surprise set on Instagram, and the punk rockers launched immediately into the LP at a 2,500-capacity venue called La Riviera. The performance featured every single song off the trio’s third LP, including some that hadn’t been played live in over five years, such as “Chump” and “In the End” and the LP’s hidden acoustic track, “All By Myself.”

Following the Dookie performance, Green Day proceeded with a second 12-song set of favorites from the rest of their catalog, like “Minority,” “Bang Bang,” “Revolution Radio,” “Holiday,” “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” and the new single “Father Of All…” The show closed with a two-song encore of “American Idiot” and “Jesus Of Suburbia.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt told us a while back that Green Day was fortunate to be together for so long: [“I kinda look at it, like, well, you know, we are a band, we’ve banded together, and we look at it right now as for life. I mean, who knows how long we’ll be playing together, but most my friendships don’t last that long. That’s more than you can ask for.”] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC:…can ask for.)

It’s unclear whether the band will give any more full performances of Dookie, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. But Green Day does have a full tour booked for next year with Fall Out Boy and Weezer, while their new album Father Of All Motherf**kers is due out February 7th.