A Guns N’ Roses fan named Caroline Campos is claiming that a poster she brought to the band’s concert in Nashville on July 9th, which read “Where’s Izzy?” — asking why original guitarist Izzy Stradlin was not involved in the current tour — was taken from her and ripped to shreds at the request of the band itself.

Campos wrote, “When the original drummer ‪#‎stevenadler‬ came out to play his set, I held up my sign with cheers from most of the people in my section. Axl looked at my sign and started laughing and said ‘That’s a good question!’ He seemed to appreciate the sign.” But Campos then said that 15 minutes later, her section got “swarmed” by security and stage crew members asking “Who has the ‘Where’s Izzy’ sign?”

  • She continued, “Eventually they . . . saw the sign tucked under my chair. A guy in jeans and a black shirt tapped my shoulder and said ‘Is that your sign? You need to give it to me.’ I said ‘Why? Who are you?’ He showed a badge and said ‘I’m with the band and they’ve asked for the sign to be removed.’ I said, ‘We aren’t allowed to have signs?? But I read that..’ and he cut me off and said ‘You can’t have THAT sign. Give it to me.’ I gave it to him and he walked away folding and ripping it up.”
  • A representative for Guns N’ Roses later told Ultimate Guitar, “G N’ R would never make this request! Izzy is family!”
  • While original drummer Steven Adler has played a couple of songs each at two recent Guns shows, Izzy Stradlin remains the last original member of the band to keep his distance from the current reunion featuring core members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.
  • There were unconfirmed reports that Stradlin was approached about the reunion, but did not wish to tour and/or was not happy with the money he was offered.
  • Guns N’ Roses next plays on Thursday (July 14th) in Philadelphia.

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  • Why would Guns N’ Roses want that sign destroyed? Do they think it hurt the current guitarist Richard Fortus’ feelings?
  • Is it kind of a childish move to send security to take away this woman’s sign, if that’s in fact what happened?
  • Do you think Izzy will eventually turn up for a few shows?

INTERNET COMMENTS at The PRP — agree or not?

Jiggle wrote: “To re-cap: girl goes to concert looking for attention, doesn’t get the kind of attention she was hoping for.”

selw0nk wrote: “What a d**k move by Axl.”

BigRedMachine wrote: “Don’t bring a f**king sign to a show anyway, this isn’t Smackdown. She’s just looking for a reaction and negative attention is still attention.”

Star_AD wrote: “Kinda annoying. You already knew he wasn’t there. I know she wrote that she only had it out in-between songs BUT, you best believe that the 1ST thing I’d be doing if she was blocking something I was viewing on stage, is calling security to tear that f**king sign up. I think maybe someone in the audience wasn’t having it, and complained. Probably had nothing to do with Axl.”

whisky wrote: “If it’s true it certainly seems like an overreaction by the band. That said, sign-holders are kind of irritating.”