Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale gave Swedish outlet RockSverige an update on the songwriting sessions for the band’s next album, which are already underway. Hale revealed, “You have no idea the weird songs I’ve been writing, subject matter and musically. Musically, it’s kinda been a long journey to the beginning, so we’re kinda going back to our total roots. We’re gonna do a rock record this time. It’s like total balls to the wall, but lyrically, it’s been a little weird and that’s my fault.”

The new record will follow up 2015’s Into The Wild Life, which was criticized by some fans for veering too far into pop music territory. As for the subject matter, Hale hinted, “I feel like this next record is gonna be the extreme on both ends where you’re gonna see an extreme debaucherous side of me, which I have been very much embracing the past couple of years, and then you’re gonna see an extreme hangover, vulnerable side of me.”

  • Hale also spoke in the interview about her experiences of sexism in the music industry, saying, “I’m not blind to it, but I do put blinders to it most times, because really the only person I’m judging myself on is myself and my bandmates . . . But, of course, there’s been multiple (instances where that has happened).”
  • Hale cited one incident where she was changing the string on her guitar and another musician came up to her and said, “My girlfriend never does that for me.”
  • Halestorm toured with Lita Ford earlier this year and Hale told us that the legendary Ford and other women faced many of the same challenges: [“You know, you hear stories, you know, from both her and then Pat Benatar and even the Heart sisters about trying to get your record played on radio and, you know, trying to break into anything. You’d get a gig and these girls, they would be faced with situations where, you know, you’d have the choice, like: ‘Okay, do I sit on this guy’s lap to get my record played?'”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . my record played?’)
  • Halestorm is currently out with Shinedown on the Carnival Of Madness tour, which pulls into Shreveport, Louisiana on Tuesday (August 2nd) and winds down on August 18th in Detroit. Halestorm will headline more shows in October.
  • While the band is starting to prep its fourth studio effort, it also plans to continue its tradition of recording a covers EP between full albums, following 2011’sReAniMate and 2013’s ReAniMate 2.0.


  • Are you encouraged to hear that Halestorm will go back to its roots on the next album, whether you were a fan of Into The Wild Life or not?
  • Are you surprised or not to hear that Lzzy has encountered sexism in the music business?
  • Do you think that what’s happening in Sweden is vastly more sexist to men, forcing them to question their very existence?
  • Do you think the success of female rock artists like Lzzy, In This Moment’s Maria Brink and others has made it easier for women to break through?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Ole Mann wrote: “Love every album so far. Saw em 3 times, met em. Great band.”

Martin McCann wrote: “I’ll believe it when I see it Lzzy. Halestorm has forgotten how to rock.”

David Tomasello wrote: “A rock record? Now you have my attention.”

Paul Fon wrote: “So they’re not going to be a pop country band anymore?”

Kyle Obergfell wrote: “didn’t like the last record. Wasn’t heavy enough and it sounded country.. Love her voice but don’t like the songs .. hopefully the new record will be heavier.”