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Highly Suspect has scored its second Number One single on the rock radio airplay chart with “16.” The new chart-topper has now matched the success of “My Name Is Human,” which reached the summit back in late 2016. All five of the band’s official singles, including “Lydia,” “Bloodfeather” and “Little One,” have made it to the Top Five.

“16” is taken from the band’s upcoming third album, MCID, which is due out on November 1st. Frontman Johnny Stevens told us that the songs on the LP were written in many different ways: [“You know, sometimes it’s us in a room. We’ve got a studio out in Los Angeles that we get together, have some beers and start figuring stuff out. But sometimes it’s like, me on a couch starting a song with a computer, you know, and my laptop. Or sometimes it’s Rich (Meyer, bass) on an acoustic guitar sitting at the beach. Like, it’s, there’s a lot of different ways that these songs develop, and we don’t rush them.”] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . don’t rush them.)

MCID, which stands for My Crew Is Dope, follows up 2016’s The Boy Who Died Wolf. That LP debuted at Number Two on the Billboard 200 album chart and featured the Top 10 rock single “Little One” in addition to “My Name Is Human.”