It’s been three years since the Strokes released their fifth studio album, 2013’s Comedown Machine, but according to there is strong evidence that the New York garage rockers will be delivering new music to their fans this year. The first clue was the report in mid-December 2015 that the group had booked time in two Monterrey, Mexico studios owned by Victoria Records.

Although the Strokes happened to be in the area for a festival appearance as well and used the studios for rehearsal, they also laid down at least some drum tracks there, according to owner Victoria Morales-Kühne, who snapped a picture with the band.

  • Additional recording allegedly took place between December and March, with a record label executive saying in a March tweet — since deleted — that he was listening to the new Strokes single.
  • The Strokes will perform next Tuesday (May 31st) in Port Chester, New York before appearing on June 3rd at Manhattan’s annual Governor’s Ball festival. The group has just one other live date currently on their schedule, a festival show in Australia in late July.


  • Do you think the Strokes are coming back in 2016?
  • Is this band still relevant at this point? Would they be more important if they didn’t disappear from sight for years at a time?
  • Is there a band out there at the moment who you would like to see make a comeback this year?

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