Jack White may become the first person to play a vinyl record in space. The musician’s Third Man Records released a teaser clip for an upcoming event that seems to imply just that.

Back in 2012, White said that he was collaboration with astronaut Buzz Aldrin on a project that would get one day get a Third Man Records song played in space. How?

  • White claimed that he was planning “to launch a balloon that carries a vinyl record player. And figure out a way to drop the needle with all that turbulence up there and ensure that it will still play.”
  • On Tuesday, a video which parodies the Star Wars opening sequence, was posted to Third Man Records Facebook page claiming that they would be making “vinyl history” again on July 30th. The record in question is Carl Sagan‘s A Glorious Dawn, released on 7” by Third Man Records in 2009.


The Video Teasing the Space Launch:


  • Is trying to be the first to play a vinyl record in space genuinely cool or just a desperate bid for publicity?
  • Did Jack White choose the record he is allegedly launching wisely?
  • Does “Space” exist?